Fiona Jolly worked as an international make up artist for the fashion and beauty industry before becomming a mother and turning her creative hand to furniture and cushion design. Her sense of style and eye for colour has helped shape the unique design and clever idea behind "Reasons to be Jolly".

Born of the need for a children's party table where the children can have their feet on the ground and move around safely, Fiona first developed the long Wiltshire table made from hard wood which folds flat for ease of storage and can live outside or inside. Beautiful in its simplicity and form, these are highly desirable to design-conscious parents, adding style to any home. The tables are also built to last to be passed down to your children's children.

This idea then progressed to include the London play table that doubles as a coffee table and also beautifully coloured Ogbury stools which are useful beyond belief. Her super fun printed cushions and giant floor cushions and poufs are handmade and super soft.
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