Care Instructions

Wood care instructions

Reasons to be Jolly's tables and stools are made with beautiful hardwearing solid wood. Although we want you to care for your furniture do not worry about the odd knock or bump, we want our furniture to fit into your life.
To make sure our pieces last for years, to be enjoyed by you, your children, we have set out a few pointers below on how to look after your furniture in your home:

  • Please bear in mind that wood is a natural product and warping/gaps can occur as the wood moves.
  • Place wooden furniture away from radiators as heat expansion cracks may occur.
  • Wood is a natural product and will react accordingly.
  • Always move furniture carefully. Be mindful not to drag across the floor or lift up onside with all the weight on just 2 legs. Once the item is in place check it stands level.
  • We recommend using just a warm damp cloth to clean your furniture or a light surface cleaner.
  • Please always put the safety pins provided in to the clips under the tables to keep little ones safe. (in small clear plastic bag on back of card)


When moving or setting them up, do not pivot the table on any of its legs, it must be lifted entirely off the ground to be moved. This is a two-person job as these are heavy tables.
Safety catches must always be put on and safety pin installed when in use.

Cushion Care

The finest fabrics have been used to make these cushions, when washing please wash by hand in a cool wash and do not tumble dry. Slight shrinkage may occur.
Our filling is duck feather, which is a natural product so please avoid storing in an airless plastic bag or it will smell. Duck feathers may occasionally poke through the fabric, this is normal. If kept in bright sunlight, fading may occur.