The Wiltshire table is made from hard wood and can live inside and outside. It folds flat for ease of storage.

  • Hand made in sustainable wood.
  • Designed to the perfect height for ages 1 to 10 years.
  • Children's safety catches used for locking in the legs.

This table is perfect as a playroom, kitchen or a party table. Available in 7 and 5 foot lengths.

1 table and 2 bench sets available in both sizes and all colours. 10% discount (set price £936 for 7 foot / £855 for 5 foot) applied at checkout.

Our tables and benches are available in all 7 shades. To order in one of our non-standard colours you would need to contact us to place your order.

Please note that the dimensions given are the total footprint dimensions. The table top width is 44.5cm.


Individual Prices

7 Foot Table (Indoors and outdoors)£480 (inc. VAT)
(L) 213 x (W) 56 x (H) 53cm
5 Foot Table (Indoors and outdoors)£450 (inc. VAT)
(L) 152 x (W) 56 x (H) 53cm

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